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Prestacycle Elite Fly 750ml Clear Water Bottle - The Kenton Collection

Prestacycle Elite Fly 750ml Clear Water Bottle - The Kenton Collection

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Prestacycle Elite Fly 750ml Water Bottle. Artwork is a doodle representation of the products and personality of Prestacycle. Commissioned by Prestacycle from Kenton Hoppas, renowned illustrator and avid cycling supporter.


Elite Performance – Prestastyle


FLY ELITE is the lightest 750 ml sports bottle available worldwide.

Its record 58 grams-only weight (750ml) is achieved through its variable thickness. Thicker on the base and thinner on the central body, this doesn’t just make it possible to use less plastic material, it also ensures a tight grip when cycling and an easy to squeeze ergonomic structure so liquid flow is abundant with the lightest pressure.


New, unique racing design, developed for great stability in the bottle cage and easy extraction while cycling.

The world’s lightest bottles are wearing Prestacycle’s Kenton Collection artwork to add a modern style enhancement to your bike.

The ELITE FLY‘s compact shape makes it easy to use with smaller frames. Standard diameter makes the ELITE FLY compatible with most bottle cages on the market.


The ergonomic cap with wider flat push-pull nozzle and a wider mouth ensure high liquid flow, which is also guaranteed by the soft bottle body: you will just need to squeeze gently your ELITE FLY to get a vigorous liquid flow.

This is a key factor in order to obtain simple and effective hydration.


This bottle is manufactured using innovative, odorless, soft and resistant plastic materials, which is the result of a 3-year long study conducted with multiple universities research centers.

The ELITE FLY is also hygienic and easy to wash. It features a 20% wider mouth compared to standard bottles to help our customers achieve better hydration and properly hygienize their bottles. Fly bottles are also dishwasher safe at 40°C and make it easy to disassemble, so you can dry both the bottle body and the cap with nozzle and avoid any mold growth inside or the subsequent bad smell.
To ensure even more protection we also created a practical protective plastic cap, available for purchase on, that you can tighten on the bottle to protect the nozzle from mud, soil and other external agents that might remain on the spout during use.

About Kenton Hoppas:


  • CLEAR Bottle with Prestacycle Kenton Collection artwork
  • 750 ml Capacity.
  • 58 grams – 30% lighter than any other standard bottle
  • Development – Innovative, odorless, soft and resistant plastic materials
  • Ergonomic grip – Bottle surface features a new grip that makes it safer and easier to use
  • Flat push-pull nozzle and a wider mouth ensure high liquid flow
Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9 in