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Prestacycle Pro Presta Head

Prestacycle Pro Presta Head

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Product Information

  • Patented Auto-lock Presta head
  • Red button offers zero-pull soft release
  • NO CLAMPING of lightweight tubeless valves.
  • No pulling on Tubeless valves or cores.
  • Safest head for all types of Presta valves, including tubeless and tubeless-conversion valves.
  • Will not harm newer lightweight performance valves.
  • Durable Steel body protects head from drops

NEW PATENTED Pro Presta Head

Our new pro Presta head offers a Patented auto-lock mechanism.  As you slide the head onto the Presta valve, the mechanism grabs onto the Presta pin without pulling or twisting.  A seal is made on the Presta valve WITHOUT clamping the valve.  Easy-grip sides make it simple to press the red button on the top of the head which provides full release of the connection without pulling on the valve or the core.  Instant no-loss disconnect insures tire pressure is exactly what you put in there.

Designed for professional use

Prestacycle Pro Presta Head uses a Steel head for protection against drops.  90 degree angle makes accessing Presta valves simple and makes it easy to use the oversized release button.  Standard Schrader thread connection for use with all Prestaflator and Prestaflator Pro tools (Not intended for ECO tool).  Head is also a perfect upgrade for most brands of premium floor pumps.  Allows you to dispense with unsafe clamping heads and thread-on heads which can pull valve cores out of the Presta valve.   

  • Uses standard floor pump connection - Not for 1/4" Threads
  • FITS: Floor Pumps & Prestaflator Pro Tools ONLY
  • Safe for all types of Presta valves, including tubeless and tubeless-conversion valves.


Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in